Sunday, October 12, 2014


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Hello everyone. I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends. The sun was out in Sydney and it felt like we were bang in the middle of summer.

This post is a bit long and photo heavy. Just thought I'd get this out of the way, so you have been warned... 

We have been to Target to see what the fuss is all about with this new Missoni for Target Australia business. We have jumped on the steam iron/station bandwagon. And we have been to the beach. 

I still can't believe this buster starts pre school tomorrow. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was pregnant with him. We had a meeting with one of his pre school head teachers last Friday just because I was a nervous wreck about him starting. My nerves are still shot. I have been worrying because he's no where near as emotionally mature as his older brother was at his age, but I am glad I had a chance to talk to the teachers because it really did help me. Although, I think the teachers probably think I'm nuts now. Helicopter Mum anyone???

I was going over pics of my Chubster's 3rd birthday and found this one. I have known these 2 friends of mine for about 18 years now. We met at uni while studying Chemical Engineering. We had several all nighters in our chem eng lab together. We used to bring sleeping bags so we could take turns napping under the computer desks. We went to eachother's weddings. We talked eachother through misscarriages. We celebrated the birth of our kids together. And when we each had our first kid, we all laughed and cried together at the fact that we really had no idea what we were in for...

I am not the kind of person who makes friends easily, probably because we moved around so much when I was a kid, so I feel truly blessed to have known A and M and to have kept in contact with them all this time. We have 6 kids between us and our children have known each other ever since they were born. I really hope they grow up to become great friends just like their Mums are. How about you? How long have you known your best friends and how did you met?

I mentioned a steam iron/station earlier. I hate ironing clothes. And my husband and I had been toying with the idea of getting one of those iron/steam stations. My husband was against the idea of getting just the steam stations because he likes his pants and shirts ironed with crisply defined creases on them. He said some men are really judgmental about the way other men iron their clothes without creases on them. Who knew!!! HA HA Reminds of a certain thread on a certain fashion forum about women judging other women for turning up to work with wet hair... HA HA I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about...

But anyway, back to the topic at hand, we researched a bit, spoke to a few sales assistants and in the end settled for this. The kicker was that when we got to the register to pay, it scanned as discounted from $429 to $199. Score! 

So this is a silk dress. It isn't as wrinkly as I would've liked it for a demo. But looks OK for literally 15 seconds worth of steaming. I still have to try it on denim and shirts. 



I also dropped by Target to check out the Missoni range. I was quite disappointed with the quality of the Women's clothes and only really liked one of the skirts. Other items which were of interest to me also included the espadrilles which sadly do not come in a size 5 (they start at a size AU6 or US6 / EU36). Seriously Target! What's with that?

Photo sourced from Target Australia

I love the look of these just to keep all the junk in my handbag tidy, but they only had the black and white colourway at my local Target.
Photo sourced from Target Australia

This is the skirt I liked. There were no more left in my size and I would really like to try it on before I buy it online. Anyone know if this runs true to size, big or small? 

Photo sourced from Target Australia

I wanted to make this my Chubster's pre school bag. But sadly it was also sold out instore.

Photo sourced from Target Australia

I also like the look of this vase. For some reason, I am really getting obcessed with fluoro green/yellow.

Photo sourced from Target Australia

Which is why I absolutely love this cardigan and vest from the children's section. I tried the girl's size 12 and it fit me perfectly. Being vertically challenged finally pays off again!!!

Photo sourced from Target Australia

Photo sourced from Target Australia

I had a Target voucher burning a hole in my wallet, so I used it and brought them both home with me.

I think it looks fantastic with my Redphoenix Emporium Cicadas in Summer necklace. I love it when the stars align themselves like this!

Next month we will be celebrating my cat Lucile's 10th birthday. This photo was taken when both Lucile and Ezekiel were only 6 months old, we were in the middle of winter and they were both curled up in front of the heater. 

I have also had the post below sitting in my draft folder for ages now. I had planned to post about some of the fun things the kids got up to while we were on holidays, in between all the sightseeing and visiting family and friends. I had only got to half way in our holiday when I stopped. I figured I may as well post this now or it will sit in my drafts folder for another couple of months.

This was the local playland near my in laws, it only cost 3 pounds for two kids. So cheap! 

This was at Diggerland. People, if you have a little boy and end up finding yourself in Yorkshire one day, this place will send your kid crazy. This is where they get to learn how to operate diggers. And they actually get to have a go all by themselves! See?

With this one they did a lap with the instructor showing them how to drive at first. 

Then half way through the course the instructor swapped seats with my Bubster.

We went to a couple of animal sanctuaries and the kids got really close to the little fur balls.

The Chubster learned to do this when I pointed the camera at him.

The beach is always a sure winner with the Chubster.

We saw many rabbits roaming around my in laws fields.

Some of the weeds in England are so beautiful.

Sightseeing is hit and miss with my kids. A hit with the Bubster who is very interested in other countries at the moment and a miss with my Chubster who just couldn't care less. Not that I blame him. I don't think I remember anything from when I was his age.

We went for long walks along the fields.

But the number one hit with both my kids was this place called Big Fun. For those of you who have ever taken your kids to Lollipop land here in Australia, think Lollipop land then multiply its size and number of rigs by 20. The whole place is designed for parents to get in there with their kids. It was very much like a commando course if you ask me. And if I lived near one of these, I'd give up my gym membership and take my kids there everyday for about an hour just to make sure they slept through the entire night! HA HA

They had rows and rowns of trampolines.

This is my sister in law and I trying to keep up with my sons.

My husband, sister in law and I had a tag team going because my kids just kept going on and on, and we needed constant breaks in between.

Beautiful happy smiles from my 2 beautiful kids!

Does this slide on the right look really steep to you?

My Chubster wanted a go and a go is exactly what he had!

As did my Bubster. I was too scared and there was nothing anyone could say to make me go on it. Seriously, I am getting so old for some of this stuff.

We also went to Watervalley fun park. 

The kids almost ha an aneurysm when they saw the Angry Birds park.

Due to height restrictions the Chubster had to sit a few rides out.

But there were plenty other rides he was allowed in.

I always say this and then do the complete opposite, but next time, I really want to make sure we go somewhere with a kids club, like Fiji, where I actually get to have one day where I just sit by the pool and do absolutely nothing! Anyone else have anymore suggestions?

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