Saturday, April 19, 2014

Long Easter weekend

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My Chubster reached a wonderful milestone 2 weeks ago. He went from being a waterbaby to being a little tadpole. My husband is over the moon with finally being able to watch both kids from the side  of the pool. He has spent the last 5.5 years in the pool first with our Bubster and then with the Chubster. 

The Chubster spent most of his first session by the side of the pool with his teacher trying to convince him to dive in off the wall. He did go in a few times to fish out a few toys and completely disrupted the entire class because the other 2 kids wanted to play with the toys too.

How about you? Did you get in the pool with your baby or did you take turns with your husband? Or did you wait until they were old enough to get in the pool by themselves?

Here's my Bubster during his Easter hat parade at his last day of term 1 at school. The boy behind him is his year 6 school buddy. At his school, all kindergarten kiddies get a year 6 buddy to help them throughout the year. This little boy is always happy to see my son. Every morning when my son gets to school, the first thing he does is walk to where his school buddy and his mates hang out to say hello. And every time I see his school buddy flash my son a big fat smile.  

Took another 5 pairs of my Christian Louboutin shoes to my local cobbler. I was so glad to get them back on Thursday because I almost felt naked without these. I didn't realise how much I wear these shoes until i found myself without them for 5 days!!! And I have to say, my local cobbler did a fantastic job again. 

Image sourced from google images

MrBB booked me a Thai massage and body scrub at the end of last year. I finally forced myself to make time for it this morning before my gift card expired. It was bliss!!!

Zara shoes, Forever New dress, SES cardigan, Louis Vuitton cuff, Olivia Welles bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent ring, Chanel bag, Cassia de Shanghai necklace

This was today's outfit by the way... Excuse the different lighting! The two bottom photos were taken in the car.

I got these a few months ago. They were heavily discounted and I also had a voucher, so they cost $10 each. They are by Olivia Welles. I wasn't sure about their quality at first because Google returned a few mixed reviews, but so far they're wearing OK. I always have trouble finding el cheapo bracelets that fit my small wrists but these adjustable designs make any fit issues go away. They're also supposed to be 10ct gold plated  but I am not sure I believe that given their price. 

 Pics sourced from Buyinvite 

I took this photo of my Chubster in full tantrum mode a few days ago. I ignored his tantrum after taking the photo and 2 minutes later he got up and walked away singing Lumpy's song from Winnie The Pooh's Heffalump Movie.

One of my favourites things during the colder months is having all these human hot water bottles to cuddle to at night. I figure I only have a few years left before my kids decide that they're too cool to sleep with me.

Which is why one of my favourite things to do on a lazy morning is to have the kids sleep on me on the couch while we all watch Planes for the 1367th time.

I am very much looking forward to spending a lot more time with my sons once I finish up at my current job. I am loving the fact that I won't be doing anymore 20 hours per week worth of commuting but it is hard not to get excited about work as the project I have been working on for the last 6 months is only now coming to fruition as we are having specifications generated for it on the Barangaroo project and Darling Harbour Live. Then I get a shocking trip home that lasts 2.5 hours (like last Thursday night) and I snap out of it.

Hope you all enjoy your Easter holiday.
Be safe

Monday, April 7, 2014


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Hello everyone. Hope you've all enjoyed your weekends. And that the weather over at your neck of woods is better than what we're having here at the moment.

Here's a funny photo of the Chubster, he thinks his Dad's back makes a really good resting place. It even comes with a built in blanket. Can't beat that!

And here's MrBB putting the Chubster to work. He is always keen to give his Dad a good back massage. As long as there is no jumping involved.

Even the cats are bored out of their minds being trapped indoors with this rain.

I took these pics at last weekend's agricultural show. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a saucer decorating competition. The top pic won 1st and the bottom pic won second prize in that comp. Can you believe the level of patience involved in putting these together?

These were in the rose competition. I wish I had thought to look at their names but my kids were going wild with boredom in the background so I had to quickly usher them out of the hall.

Same for this flower. Anyone know what its name is and if it's easy to grow. I want to plant it in my garden. I want it bad!

These were the subjects of my latest DYI project. I bought these matching side table, mirror and bedhead a while back from Evil Bay for about $40. I had been meaning to paint them a different colour but did not have the time so they sat in my garage for yonks. 

Then on Sunday, I finally got my act together and got a few cans of Rust-Oleum in navy blue (took me 3 cans! I found the whole "4.5 square metres coverage" per can a bit of a crock to be honest!). Now I just need to clean the mirror and move them into my guest bedroom.

My Mum made me another pudim flan. One of my little nightly vices at the moment is having a big slice of this with a nice glass of white wine after the kids have gone to bed.

A $6 bunch of flowers goes a long way in smaller vases. 

Christian Louboutin shoes, Josh Goot dress, Hermes and Balenciaga bracelets, Yves Saint Laurent ring, Ralph Lauren cardigan

I wore this on Saturday. I'm thinking it won't be long before I have to put my summer dresses away once the cold decides to stay for good. The good thing is that espandrilles seem to be back 'in'. 
I actually bought these espadrille wedges almost 2.5 years ago from The Outnet. The thing is, I am not usually a fan of wedges but gladly made an exception for these. I won't lie, the only reason I bought them was because they were Christian Louboutin wedges, and they also happened to only cost £88. But now I'm glad I was fickle because they have really grown on me, they're so darn comfortable and the lilac/beige colour combination goes with a tonne of things in my wardrobe.

And following up from my last post. I actually ended up handing is my notice to resign last Friday. My boss wasn't very happy but he was very understanding and both him and our managing director were really good about it. So good in fact that they have actually asked me if I would consider doing some consultancy work for them because they think they have at least 2 days worth of work for me which I can do from home. So all in all, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I am feeling a lot more relaxed at the moment. I also wanted to thank everyone for the words of encouragement I was given here and via email. Reading all your posts and emails made me feel like it was all going to turn out a OK! 

Enjoy the start of a new week everyone.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Big decisions....

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A while back my friend C got me a whole roll of red vibram material. The roll is about 1m x 0.6m and I am hoping to be able to resole about 23 to 25 pairs of shoes with these. For those of you who don't know, this is the red rubber stuff that people get their cobblers to put on their Christian Louboutin shoes so the red soles remain immaculate.

I was planning on resoling my CLs myself after getting a run down on how to do it properly by Immashoeaddict. Why? Because I have about 36 pairs of Louboutin shoes (Missing from the photo below are my Balinodono flats), and out of all those only 2 have that red protective sole for which I was charged upwards of $50 for each... So you do the math...

However, I'm too gutless to do it myself. So I decided to go to the cobbler at my local shops instead.

I gave him my mary jane sock shoes and a pair of vibram soles and he charged me $25 for the resole job. He did a fantastic job too. But I am still shocked at how much it will cost me to get all the shoes done.

I am slowly going to take him the rest of my Louboutins, probably 2 at a time and only the ones tgat get the most wear for now. 

My son got graded again at his martial arts class and is up to his blue belt. I was told that he will begin weapons training after a few more gradings but I think the words "weapons training" sound wrong when associated with a 6 year old.

Photo sourced from

I was imagining my baby wielding a heavy mace like this one, but as it turns out, the weapons are just long sticks wrapped in a lot of rubber/foam and probably numb chucks (also wrapped in a lot of rubber).

My kids are still not over the whole disco thing, we all have to dance in the dark every second night. So my husband went out last Saturday and bought us some proper disco lights.

Now the kids get hypnotised by bright colourful lights instead and the dancing comes later on.

We went to an Agricultural show on Sunday. There were lots of rides and entertainment for the kids and they seemed to be more interested in that that the flower and animal shows I wanted to see. 

Christian Louboutin shoes, Target dress, Erikson Beamon bracelet, Olivia Welles bracelet, CC Skye bracelet, Chanel necklace and earrings, Judith Lieber belt

I wore this to work today. The dress is from Target. Seems target did not mess with vanity sizing when it came to this dress because the size 6 fits me perfectly. And the Judith Lieber belt is a few years old. It is starting to tarnish and loose its colour slightly because I wear it so much. It is also elasticised but you cannot tell as it looks like it is all round metal. I am hoping that eventually it will completely loose its golden colour and turn into silver. It will be like getting a new belt!

In career related news, I am currently trying to work up the courage to hand in my resignation. My current job came very close to being my dream job. The only thing stopping it from being my dream job is the 50km commute to the office, which makes for a very stressful drive when my son's school needs me to come over at short notice because my son fell and bumped his head or something. I also have trouble getting away from the office before rush hour which means I get to spend between 2 to 3 hoursd behind the wheel if I'm driving home when everyone else is driving home (and that doesn't even take into account the morning drive). So to cut a long story short, the commute is absolutely killing me, my sanity and my home life. I do have the option of working from home 2 days a week, unfortunately as time goes by and more and more projects land on my desk, it means that my job requirements don't often allow for me to work from home due to meetings, tests and onsite inspections. MrBB is also going to start traveling extensively again soon, which means I will be left holding the fort on my own so I would rather devote the all the hours I would otherwise spend behind the wheel to spending them with my sons. My husband who has always supported my choice to pursue a career after our kids were born, seems very happy with my decision to quit. In fact way, way too happy, which to me only serves to reinforce the amount of pressure he was under between his own work and having to do most if not all the school runs and also looking after feeding, bathing, playing and taking the kids to bed after he was done with work because I wasn't getting home until past 7pm. I am still finding it hard to come to terms with the decision to quit as I also know that the building company I work for is owned by a family who is very much devoted to advancement through innovation and R&D, this company has so far entered over 50 different markets worldwide and has never left one. The work we are currently doing will in my opinion see this company become one of the driving forces behind change in the building and construction industry here in Australia, and I really wanted to be a part of that, but my husband and kids must always come first so the decision to quit is the most rational option for me at the moment because I am an "All in!" kind of person when it comes to work, I  am not the kind of person who would be able to ease off work for a part time gig. I just hope I don't actually start crying like a moron when I tell my boss that I must resign. The upside to all of this (thank goodness there is always an upside to stuff like this!) is that I am looking forward to being a lady of leisure!

Anyway. enough whining for now.
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