Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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I have not been up to much lately. It's been all about the kids, home and work. I have been itching for a holiday but timing simultaneous time off work for myself and MrBB during the kids' school holidays is proving to be impossible for the time being. So for now my life shall remain about school runs, extra curricular activities, playdates, kids birthday parties every second weekend, work and cleaning the house. I know! The glamour!!! 

Good thing some of the simplest pleasures in my life at the moment are fresh flowers and watching my boys play.

Here's what I wore the other day for work. 

Christian Louboutin shoes, Camilla & Marc dress, Red Phoenix Emporium necklace, Zac Posen for Target blazer

Mother's Day celebrations a couple of weeks ago were also great. I got to sleep in. Enjoyed a quiet morning to myself, drank hot chai tea, not cold tea that had been previously warmed up 3 times already and even had a full slice of cake without having to fight my kids off.

My favourite part about mother's day is reading my cards. They make my heart melt...

I also love seeing what presents they picked for me at school, I have saved them all since my eldest son started preschool. My 7 year old Bubster sometimes kills me with some of the things he says. For example:

Bubster: Mum, my school has mother's day fair tomorrow.  I need money to buy you and Grandma presents.
Me: What about your pocket money?
Bubster: No Mum, I can't spend that. I am saving to buy some Lego Ninjago Spinners.
Me: Wait a minute... Why do I have to give you money to buy me a present now that you get pocket money? You're supposed to budget for these things.
Bubster: What is budget? And if I buy you and Grandma presents with my pocket money, can you buy me my spinners? The spinners are really expensive. It's better if you buy them because I don't have enough money. Mother's day presents at school are not very expensive.  That's what my teacher said.

Then on Mother's day:

Bubster: Mum, I hope you liked my present. It took me a long time to choose. I was very confused because there was so much to choose from. I wanted to make sure it was really special. So did you like the pink... *long pause while he tries to remember what he bought me*
Me: *so I finally help out with* You mean the pink key ring?
Bubster: Oh yes. A pink key ring? You like it?
Me: I love it. It is the best. I am going to use it for all my work keys.
Bubster: So do you like it more than Chubster's card? He gave you a card, and he didn't even write in it, his teacher did because he doesn't even know how to write. And the keyring he gave you isn't even as good as mine because it has the same flowers as the bracelet that I gave you when I was in pre school. So he's a copy cat but a bad one because he copied a bracelet and made it a keyring instead. I don't get it? Do you?

Then the day after Mother's Day:

Bubster: Mum, why is turquoise your favourite colour? Turquoise is blue and you're a girl and girls like pink.
Me: Not all girls like pink. Different people like different colours.
Bubster: Daddy was going to get you a pink bag for mother's day. Then he changed his mind to yellow. But I told him your favourite colour was turquoise.
Me: Wait! What? You chose the colour of Daddy's present for Mummy?
Bubster: Yes, I told him turquoise was your favourite colour. You're always talking about turquoise. Lucky I listen to you because Daddy doesn't.

Lucky indeed. I absolutely love it. I have been wanting to get a Valentino glam lock bag for a long time now, but hadn't decided on the colour yet so I was quite pleased with how bright this Turquoise is. Plus it looks great with the rockstuds I got for Valentine's Day.

In work related news, one of the advantages of working for a French owned company is our yearly pilgrimage to our head office in Paris for our international conference. So I will be making my way to France again next month for about 5 days. My husband and I have this joke between us about how traveling for business after you become parents is like a holiday because when work is over for the day you can switch off completely and chilax. No worrying about school pick ups, helping with home work, answering all the 37,659 questions that start with the word 'Why', rushing home to bathe, feed and put the kids to bed... just good old fashioned time out in some peace and quiet in your hotel room. Anyone else agree with us?

I have settled nicely into working from home a couple of days a week. This is now my preferred working space instead of my usual home office. I usually start the day with a hot cup of tea and a green juice.

I like seeing flowers as I look over my laptop. And a newly delivered box by the Fedex man makes for an even better start to the day.

The one thing I am currently struggling with at work is colour matching and colour co ordination. You'd think I would be able to ace that, but nooooooooooo.... I think being an engineer and being used to dealing with factual information makes me want to run out of a room screaming everytime I speak to an interior designer who deals with feelings and emotions when they're looking into colour. I find it utterly fascinating. They will say things like "This room looks warm" Or "that flooring product makes this space a bit angry" or "I feel like I just walked into a beach party" etc. And I'll be the one standing in the corner trying not to sound like an idiot when I say "This brown does not agree with me." And yes, it gets worse than that, check out my sorry attempt at a mood board.

Do not say I did not warn you! 


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Birthdays, Easter and Holidays

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The last few weeks have been manic. I have been on a trip and 2 work conferences. Have organised a birthday party for my son as well as Easter celebrations. And everytime I start to think it is OK to come up for air, something else hits us.

We had my son’s 7th birthday party recently. I cannot believe he is 7 already. Soon he will be into the double digits territory. I was originally only going to invite a handful of kids from his class, but in the end decided to invite the whole class. Luckily only about half RSVPd yes, but we still had about 24 kids show up once the rest of my son's friends got added to the mix. 

I left the cake to the very last minute... again! And unfortunately the lady that I normally go to for cakes was on holidays so I did a search online and ordered a cake 3 days before the birthday. Picked it up the day before. It was a rainbow velvet cake. I can't say I was overly happy with how it looked, the superhero signs were made of rice paper instead of fondant and the bits at the top were made of paper/carboard, but it did taste fantastic, but that is the price you pay for placing orders at the last minute and having to beg people to take you order! *LOL*

We had a Superheroes themed party at home with face painting and balloon twisting. It rained the day before and for a moment there, I thought I would be stuck with 24 kids indoors, but the weather really did come through for us because it was a beautiful day.

It seems 7 is the age when parents start dropping their kids off at parties. What about you? What age did you start leaving your child (or children) at parties? When is it still acceptable to continue to stay with your kid at birthday parties? I am a paranoid parent who watched way too many episodes of Law & Order SVU so at this rate it's looking like I am planning on sticking around at birthday parties with my kids until they're 18???

You can tell by the last photo above that my flower corner has become a bit of a "jingle jangle jungle" as my son likes to call it. It's suffered about 6 months of neglect so far but my rose bushes seem to be persevering. They're like the gifts that just keep on giving. I thought I had seem the last of my roses until spring a few weeks ago but those continuous rains following by a lot of sunshine are great for roses.

I am currently waiting for everything to go into their winter hibernation so I can rearrange the garden.

On the fashion side of things, for some reason lately I have become obsessed with white jeans. But it is impossible to find any decent ones here in Australia. And by decent ones I mean the ones that are 98% or higher cotton denim. None of this jegging material with a ridiculous amount of lycra, nylon, spandex or some other stretchy material (that make your jeans scrunch up as if they were a pair of Sass & Bide Rats leggings) when you put them on. A lot of my jeans which I have had for around 10 years or more have been slowly dying on me over the last 12 to 18 months and I have been replacing them as I go but I have found myself reverting to the old brands that I grew up with. Like Lee Riders and Levis which still have die hard lines with almost nothing but cotton. The old school jeans that I used to have to wear in, but once worn in, I'd find that my jeans would mold to my legs and bum and feel like a second skin on me. Or maybe I am just weird, because this is how my friends describe this new wave of stretchy jeans/legging like denim (jeggins?), I don't know why but these stretchy jeans just don't seem to fit me the way I like my jeans to fit.

Nothing like a good pair of Levis 501s if you're after the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. 501s have been around since forever, I think over 100 years, and the latest 501s seem to have been modified slightly to reflect a truer fit according to size. 

This bow necklace was given to me last Christmas by my in laws. It can be worn 2 ways as the front has tiny swarovski crystals and the back and setting is rose gold. It's quickly become one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. 

Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 shoes, Balenciaga bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent arty ring, rose gold bow necklace, jugsaw belt, Target t-shirt, Crumpet cardigan

We are all recovering from what I could only describe as 3 weeks of non stop black plague like conditions. My husband, myself and my 3.5 year old Chubster. My 7 year old Bubster on the other hand as per usual, got the sniffles and then was good to go. Whoever said kids who were breastfed for longer have a stronger immune system than kids who were formula fed forgot to tell that to 7 year old son who was on formula from the time he was 5 weeks old but has an immune system that is tough as nails. I breastfed my youngest until he was about 22 months and he gets sick all the time. I guess as they say... You can't win them all!

Easter has now come and gone. Hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter celebrations. 

Enjoying the spoils of their Easter Egg Hunt.

We'll be eating chocolate for weeks.

I am taking a week off work this week so i can spend it with my kids. My mother's 60th birthday is also coming up in a few days and I am yet to decide on what to get her for her birthday. So if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Cheerio everyone.

P.S. No part of this post is sponsored as per the rest of my blog.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Another week

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Hello everyone, hope all the bad stuff stayed away from you last Friday, which happened to be the 13th. I actually like the number 13. It is quite a lucky number for me. Case in point, I got to see the last red rose in my back yard. Half the petals were gone the day after...

And did you all enjoy Valentine's Day? Mine was really nice. For one my husband was not traveling this year. I got a sleep in, then woke up to this.

I am a very big fan of the colour turquoise, so imagine how happy I was when I opened the box to see these!!!

I'm so in love with my new rockstuds. They go very nicely with this pucci dress too.

Photo sourced from Net A Porter

I loved the flowers too of course. 

And did you know that Costco sells these in 1.2kg bags? It's mad. But I stocked up on it for my Bubster's birthday party.

I got the shock of my life when I found out yesterday that there are 26 kids in his class. So any plans I had of inviting his entire class to his party have been promptly thrown out of the window. As I still feel my blood pressure rising when I cast my mind back to when I invited his pre school class of 20 and got 60 guests. 

These 2 always look so cute when they're snuggled up to each other. I just don't know how they do it, with this heat, all that hair, snuggled together, on top of a furry blanket...

I found this pic on my phone of my Chubster jumping up and down with joy at seeing this giant minion at the hospital when he broke his arm several weeks ago. His arm had just been put in a cast and he was jumping up and down and laughing like a maniac. 

In motherhood related news, I have started potty training my 3 year old recently. We have had some success. He consistently goes to the toilet just before his bath and first thing in the morning. Now, I just need to get him trained on the rest of the time. We started getting some success after I started watching potty training videos and reading potty training books with him. His favourite video is this one. Granted, it's about potty training girls, but I'm not one to complain if the end result is the same.

Speaking of videos, one of my friends shared this video on their Facebook wall, and let me tell you people, I turned into an absolute mess at the end. Tears falling down my cheeks uncontrollably, the works! This video is such a fantastic tribute to all parents who make sacrifices for their children so that they may have the best opportunity to succeed in life.

Hope you've all been well.
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