Friday, February 20, 2015

Another week

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Hello everyone, hope all the bad stuff stayed away from you last Friday, which happened to be the 13th. I actually like the number 13. It is quite a lucky number for me. Case in point, I got to see the last red rose in my back yard. Half the petals were gone the day after...

And did you all enjoy Valentine's Day? Mine was really nice. For one my husband was not traveling this year. I got a sleep in, then woke up to this.

I am a very big fan of the colour turquoise, so imagine how happy I was when I opened the box to see these!!!

I'm so in love with my new rockstuds. They go very nicely with this pucci dress too.

Photo sourced from Net A Porter

I loved the flowers too of course. 

And did you know that Costco sells these in 1.2kg bags? It's mad. But I stocked up on it for my Bubster's birthday party.

I got the shock of my life when I found out yesterday that there are 26 kids in his class. So any plans I had of inviting his entire class to his party have been promptly thrown out of the window. As I still feel my blood pressure rising when I cast my mind back to when I invited his pre school class of 20 and got 60 guests. 

These 2 always look so cute when they're snuggled up to each other. I just don't know how they do it, with this heat, all that hair, snuggled together, on top of a furry blanket...

I found this pic on my phone of my Chubster jumping up and down with joy at seeing this giant minion at the hospital when he broke his arm several weeks ago. His arm had just been put in a cast and he was jumping up and down and laughing like a maniac. 

In motherhood related news, I have started potty training my 3 year old recently. We have had some success. He consistently goes to the toilet just before his bath and first thing in the morning. Now, I just need to get him trained on the rest of the time. We started getting some success after I started watching potty training videos and reading potty training books with him. His favourite video is this one. Granted, it's about potty training girls, but I'm not one to complain if the end result is the same.

Speaking of videos, one of my friends shared this video on their Facebook wall, and let me tell you people, I turned into an absolute mess at the end. Tears falling down my cheeks uncontrollably, the works! This video is such a fantastic tribute to all parents who make sacrifices for their children so that they may have the best opportunity to succeed in life.

Hope you've all been well.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


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2015 is going to turn into the year of many changes for us:

Both my kids started Portuguese lessons this year.I have procrastinated on this for a long time but it has gotten to the point where my Bubster is starting to forget Portuguese. So it's time to get on with it.

My Bubster's reading, writing and maths was at year 2 level at the end of last year, and the good thing is that his school reshuffles some of the classes for the new year so they ended up lumping all the advanced students in the same class. My Bubster is actually in a class that is made up of year one and year two students and they'll be doing year 2 work. So depending on how this year goes for him, our plan to hold him back one year so he could be one of the first kids to turn 18 in his class may end up going up in flames.

My Chubster officially started his 3-6 Montessori program this year. He was supposed to start with only the morning class 8.30am to noon, Monday to Friday, but we have had to put him in to the afternoon care program as well so he will be in preschool from 8.30am until 3.30pm. 

Which leads me to the next big change. My Mum won’t be able looking after my sons anymore while we are at work. I have been very lucky and blessed to have been able to rely on my Mum up until now and my kids have benefited a lot from her care, her love and her dedication. But as it is, I am now a lot more anxious and mindful of finish times at work. 

So this year my hours of work have changed as well, I now start at 7.00am and finish at 2.30pm and then do an extra 30 to 60 mins worth of work once the kids go to bed. MrBB will do all drop offs and I will do all pick ups. And we are currently in the process of hiring a nanny for a couple of days a week for after school care, for the holidays and also for when either MrBB or myself travel. 

The one blessing in disguise in all this is that starting super early and finishing work at 2.30pm has made it easy for me to run errands with both of my kids in tow, take them to their extra curricular activities after school and say yes to playdates more often.

This week we made some herbs and spices bread at home.

Grilled some capsicum, added prosciutto, jarlsberg cheese and some green leaves and made some pretty good looking sandwiches.  

Then my husband ruined them by toasting the whole thing so he could call them paninis. They did not look as nice as before, and I felt robbed because I'm dead set sure they fell short in the taste department as well.

And while we're on the subject of food, this lamb meatballs and chorizo bolognese pasta was absolutely delicious!

Managed to get my hands on these heavily discounted before they disappeared off Target shelves. 

And added two more YSL arty rings to my collection. I know! I need help.

The Bubster turns 7 years old in March and we haven't even decided on a birthday party theme yet... It's a toss up between Lego Movie and Lego Superheroes at the moment.


Monday, February 2, 2015


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Hi everyone,

I know it has been a long long time since I blogged. The last few months have been such a busy time for me that I actually did not know if I was ever going to get the time to blog again. But here I am back again.

Work was a bit crazy for both my husband and I. But luckily for us, I don’t travel as much as my husband. And my husband is usually only away for about 4 to 5 days max. Here is what I packed when I was away for 3 days in New Zealand plus a toiletry bag and undies (I doubt any of you want to see photos of my undies) . I pack a lot lighter these days than I used to. But then again long gone are the days when I used to travel for work for months at a time.

And here is a bottle of water I bought while in Melbourne. Can you believe how expensive bottled water is compared to petrol, now that the petrol prices have plummeted?

We also had my 18 year old nephew (my husband’s sister’s son) come from England to stay with us for a few weeks. I was so not ready for the whole brooding teenager thing. Thank goodness I still have a few years before my sons enter that particular phase in their lives because I am not entirely sure how I will handle silence after so many years of chaos, havoc, shouting and constant talk.

My nephew is currently in year 12 and asked me to help him revise for his physics subject… and let me tell you… I bloody hated physics with a vengeance and my saving grace was knowing that once I made it past 2nd year at uni that I would never ever ever have to deal with goddamn physics again... So I actually had to do some revision myself before I could help him revise it was tough but we both survived. And in between revision we took him sightseeing and to the beach and to new year's in the city and to the bridge climb.

We kept my boys entertained during the school holiday with the usual beach outings, trips to the Zoo, the aquarium, etc.

Got myself some Dunks Sky High. I cannot believe how comfortable these are with those hidden wedge heels. I couldn't decide between the two, then they went on sale. 50% off and free delivery. Thank you

And of course some people tried to call first dibs on one of them... HA HA, as if...

My Chubster, being the danger child that he is broke his arm. It was just a hairline crack at the bottom of his humerus bone, but he had to have his arm in a cast for 3 weeks and I speak for everyone at our house and at his school when I say we are all happy the darn cast is finally off. Being an over the elbow cast meant he couldn't have the waterproof type. So no beach, no pool, no sand pits, no climbing frames, no wetting the cast at all for 3 whole weeks. It was as hard on his older brother as it was on him because we were pretty much bound to what they called boring activities until the cast came off.

My husband's performance in the kitchen has been outstanding. We got a new induction cooktop, a new oven and a steam oven a couple of months ago and I have to say that after having tasted food cooked in a steam oven, particularly roasts (be it vegetables or meat/fish) I can never go back to making roasts in a standard forced fan oven. The food tastes so much better and is moist and crunchy all at the same time.

These 2 turned 10 years old recently. They loved sleeping under the Christmas tree and did not take it too well when I put the tree away.

Lucile took turns between sleeping under the tree and in the toy drawer where we keep all the kids superhero costumes.

I absolutely love those 'black and white', or those 'nothing but neutrals with a teeny weeny hint of colour' instagram accounts. Then I look at my wardrobe and give up because I love colour too much. Still didn't stop me from giving the monochrome look a go today.

These burgundy caged Valentino rockstuds were my birthday present last month. They are a bit snug but comfortable.  I was surprised that they ran a bit on the small size because the normal flats are pretty true to size.

Anyway, I am stopping here for now.
Hope you've all been well.

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