Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jet lag

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We arrived at my in laws farm 2 days ago. They live in Carnaby, in East Ridding Yorkshire.

I have been waking up at 2am the last 2 nights. Jet lag and mis matched body clocks is an awful combination. The good thing is that in this part of the world,  the sun rises at around 4.30am. So we went for a walk on the beach.

I thought I would be swapping the cold winter weather in Sydney, Australia for the warm European Summer weather. Except England seems to be having an unusual cold start to their Summer, so I in fact just went from cold to colder because get this... When we first arrived we had a low of 9 degrees and a high of 17 degrees Celsius. 

Anyway, during our walk at the beach, the tide was super low which frustrated the hell out of the Chubster because we kept catching him before he had time to make it to the freezing water of the North Sea. 

I wore this yesterday. I only packed 3 pairs of shoes for this holiday. Two pairs of flats and these tennis shoes.

Here are a couple of shots of Bridlington's beach promenade.

I went to Tesco afterwards for nappies, toddler formula and the obligatory junk food to accompany world cup games, because there is nothing else to do at 5.30am other than hang out at the local 24 hour supermarket. I revelled in the numerous BB and CC creams in my skin tone, something I can never find in Australia and decided to try these two out.

We spent just over £36 and got this much back for next time... I still don't understand why but I am not complaining.

My Bubster gave me lots of butter cups.

We said hello to Jack, my in laws pony who always manages to kick me every single time we have come to visit... The bastard!!!

We explored my mother in law's garden. She is a bit of a green thumb. Her garden is gorgeous!!!

We have done a bit of shopping at Yorkshire's designer centre. It seems I did not pack enough winter clothes, because who does that when you go on a summer holiday????

I came across this cute thing at Marcs & Spencer. It weighs a tonne and its a door stopper. My husband said we didn't need it. 

Need, wish, want, who cares. I got it anyway! HA HA

Darth Vader tries to sneak up on the Chubster.

Then The Chubster and Darth Vader face off. 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

No rest for the wicked.

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Hello everyone. It has been a long time.

I have spent most of the weekend cleaning my house so it is ready for my sister and parents who will be taking turns house sitting for me while we go on holidays to Europe for a  month. We leave tonight and hopefully the kids sleep for most of the 1st leg of the trip. 

A lot has happened in the last month or so and my 'lady of leisure' days did not last long!

I got offered another job with a french owned company. The good thing about this job is that it's only a 10 minute drive from home. I am still in the construction industry and even though I have branched into strategic marketing,  my role is still heavily focused on my engineering and technical skills because of the nature of products I will deal with. Another exciting part of my new role is also the aesthetics and design of the products, something I have never really had to deal with before in my previous jobs.

I find it hard not to get overwhelmed at times because colours and interior design is all very new to me. I have done a lot of stategic planning from a technical approach but aspects of strategic marketing are also uncharted territory for me, and my saving grace is working in a great team of people.

I took my first business trip to Perth last week to meet our Western Australian sales team and some of our customers. I stayed at the Scarborough Hotel and was greeted by this lovely view of the sun setting at the end of each day.

And woke up to a similar glorious view in the morning.

I will also be in Paris on the 23rd of this month to meet a few key people I will be dealing with for support at our head office.

On my home front, I have gained an extra 20 hours per week with having a 10 minute commute between work and home compared to my previous job. It makes a huge difference to my home life and I can easily manage school pick ups and drop offs every day when my husband is away traveling.

Here are my boys! Sometimes,  they actually sit still long enough for me to snap a pic of them.

There is a play centre place next to our offices and when he gets taken there, sometimes I can go and watch my Chubster play during my morning tea break.

My other big boy is growing up so fast. My husband and I take turns spending every second weekend chauffeuring him around to his friends' birthday parties. He has also lost his first baby tooth yesterday. And is also reading on his own now which I think is ridiculous because I don't think I knew the entire alphabet at his age. 

Still cannot turn my back on this little one because he can take the couch apart in less than 20 seconds and then sit looking all placid and relaxed as if nothing had happened. 

Hard to believe something so small could unleash that kind of destruction in such a short period of time especially when he looks so angelic while he sleeps. 

I got a pretty box from Matches Fashion. I think their boxes look nicer than Net A Porter's black boxes! 

I got a pair of Tabitha Simmons shoes heavily discounted by 70%.

And this beautiful Lover Courtney lace dress discounted by 50%.

We will be in the UK next time I post.
Take care everyone.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Another long weekend.

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I am really thankful for the sunny weather we've had this past week. I wish it would stay warm forever... 

We took a trip to Amazement Farm and Fun Park during our Easter break. It is located north of Sydney at Wyong Creek. It was our first time there and even though I wasn't very impressed with it, but the kids loved it, so I guess that's the most important thing.

There were lots of ride on vehicles for mini humans as well as those big double bikes to explore the place with the kids, but I never got around to taking pics of those.

There were several mazes for us to explore and we even got lost a few times.

Lots of playground activities and open spaces, as well as farm animals to pet and feed (which I also never got around to taking photos of because all my kids wanted to do was run around).

They also had a cafe there, but if you're thinking of visiting the place you are better off bringing your own food because the cafe food was horrid.

Anyway... Here's what I wore to work yesterday. Really really loved the 29 degrees celcius weather we had! And see this el cheapo bandage dress? I think it gives HL dresses a run for their money because the material is thick, stretchy but also rigid enough to make me feel like I am wearing the real deal. And I should know because I have 7 of those damn Herve Leger dresses sitting in my wardrobe. 

Christian Louboutin shoes for day, Le Silla shoe for nightime, cheap no label dress from Evil Bay, Kenneth Jay Lane necklace, Chanel cuff, Hermes bracelet, Yves Saint Laurent ring

I met up with a few friends after work for a few pre long weekend drinks and some good old fashioned lady gossip, hence the 2 different pairs of shoes above, one for work and one for play after work.

This is Revlon's Colourburst Lipbutter in Cotton Candy.

I even gave myself a manicure 2 nights ago... This is China Glaze's City Siren, but sadly most of it had chipped off after just one day, so I ended up removing the rest. It's amazing what a difference a base and top coat make I will need to make sure I don't skip them next time.

My son has discovered how much fun it is to climb and play on the cat tree. My cats are not impressed with him and neither am I, because that thing is over 2m tall. We will have to make sure it gets moved this weekend to somewhere else.

My poor Mum thinks she has aged 10 years from all the times she has caught him jumping up and down on top of that tree because he thinks it is funny hitting his head on the ceiling. I just hope that if he is going to damage that damn ceiling that he do it now, while I am still working for a building products company and get access to free plasterboard and cheap as chips labour! 

Speaking of work, I now have just over 2 weeks left before I get to enjoy a bit of a break. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

For those of you in Australia, enjoy your Anzac day celebrations today.

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