Monday, July 20, 2015

Walk down memory lane, OOTD and mid year sales

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One of the things I sometimes do with this blog is check what I was up to this time in years gone by.

This month last year, we were lucky enough to go over to Europe for a month's holiday. We barely survived both long haul flights on the way there and back, but it was worth it and we did England, Spain, Portugal and France. 

This time in 2013 I literally had no life. I was 2 months into a new job 50km away from home. I had a lot of flexible working conditions in my favour, except for the fact that my job required me to be in the office or at construction sites a lot. It took all of a year for the commute to finally kill me! 

This time in 2012, my Chubster was 10 months old and didn't even know how to walk yet. And taking photos of the whole family was as much a challenge back then as it is now.

This time in 2011, I was pregnant with my Chubster. My biggest cravings were sugar in the form of Krispy Kream donoughts, which was weird because up until that pregnancy I was more of a savoury kind of person. I am dead set certain I developed my sweet tooth after getting pregnant with my Chubster. 

I still have these little ugg botties. I do not know why because I do not plan on having anymore kids.

I was about 2 months away from popping but the matching between my first son and I was still very much alive and kicking.


We had duck a l'orange for dinner tonight. We have just about ditched the normal oven in lieu of the steam oven these days. I don't know what I'd do if the steam oven ever broken down.

And here's today's outfit of the day. I must say I regretted the choice of shoes because this artic vortex business is making it too cold (even with air con in the office) to wear anything else other than closed shoes with snow socks on.

Valentino shoes, Sass & Bide jeans, Burberry top, Hermes bracelets and belt

This year, as much as I long to get away from this cold weather with the whole family, it just wasn't meant to be. But I can't complain because the mid year sales have brought me a lot of comfort. Being in Paris for work during the sales was also a great help for the bank account. I mean that in all seriousness because we all know how much we get charged in Australia compared to Europe, when it comes to designer goods.

My Valentino rockstud collection is getting a bit out of control. But everyone has an addiction right? At the moment mine is shoes. This was it before the mid year sale additions.

I've been wanting a pair of red rockstuds for a while now but have not been able to find a pair in my size, so was quite happy to get these discounted by 30%. The turquoise ones were an impulse purchase. I had my turquoise Valentino bag with me when I bought these, and seeing these shoes discounted by almost 50% was too good to pass. 

These are a better match to my rockstud bag than my other turquoise rockies. See?

It also payed to ask what else they had hiding in the back in a 35 because I also came away with these. They were left over, literally forgottent from last season, so ended up being discounted by almost 70%.

Also got the perfect nude YSL bag. Which reminds me... Does anyone else think that changing their name from Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent was one of the best marketing ploys ever? I mean everyone worked themselves into a frenzy and bought up all the YSL gear for fear that soon, it'd be the end of an era and no more YSL would be available. Except they keep bringing out all the YSL clothes, bags, shoes and accessories season after season, and judging by what goes on sale, the level of discounts and and what is still available at the end of the sales, it seems all the YSL items are still significantly more popular and outselling all the Saint Laurent items. So Saint Laurent is currently back to being a fashion power house and one has to wonder when they will revert back from Saint Laurent to Yves Saint Laurent.


Saturday, July 11, 2015

School holidays, lucky finds and vices

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I love turquoise, it makes me happy, so you can imagine what various shades of turquoise will do to me. 

Valentino shoes and bag, Sass & Bide Jeans, Portmans top, Chanel cuff, Yves Saint Laurent arty ring

I have spent this last week with my kids trying to keep them entertained. My 3 year old is only just getting over a pretty bad cold. It is getting harder and harder to get a photo of him, he just won't sit still. The struggle is real people!

We spent some time bird watching from the comfort of our own homes. It's amazing how easy it is to get wildlife to come to you around my neck of the woods. Specifically birds, and all it takes is some bird seed and/or old bread. 

Speaking of wildlife, we took the kids to Cattai National Park to see kangaroos in the wild. We never get tired of seeging kangaroos!

We also never get tired of Lego. For my 7 year old,  it is all about Lego at the moment. He has been obcessed with Lego for the last 2 years. 

So we went to Ryan McNaught's Lego Exhibition at Townhall a few days ago. We saw a lovely kangaroo there too where the blocks had the names of children who attended the exhibition in Melbourne.

There was also another table with more loose blocks and permanent pens that kids could use to scribble their name on for something to be built for Sydney. So by Bubster wrote his name down and asked me to take the photo below. 

There was a big queue for people wanting to take a photo with Lucy from the Lego Movie. Emmet was wide open, but my son was adamant that he needed a photo with Lucy first. Check out his big fat smile while he holds her hand...  

As I work in the building and construction industry, I found this quite amusing and wonder if the people at Lend Lease sponsored this in any way.

They had paintings made entirely out of Lego which were assembled by people attending the exhibition.

Here was another painting being made the day we visited. There were buckets and buckets of blocks and painted little plates, each little plate had a number on the back corresponding to a location on the big canvas plate.

The kids put one together and then handed it to the ladies behind the counter who stuck it onto the big plate. It's such a clever way of getting the kids involved. My son was so giddy when he saw his plate up on the wall.

And here is a community anouncement for you. Costco is great for those of you whose kids are into Lego, Pixar characters or currently either on level 1, 2 or 3 reading. I find their book sets are significantly cheaper than anywhere else I've been to. By as much as 50%.

I have also taken advantage of my week off work to take the kids to a few play dates at 2 of my friend's places, who I have known for 18 years now. Our kids have been playing together since they were born.

And here's pictorial evidence that my commitment to matching knows no bounds. HA HA... This little vice of mine is hard to break and I think I will be devastated when my kids decide to start choosing their own clothes.

I managed to get my hands on 2 pairs of heavily discounted (by 70%) 2XU compression tights thanks to sister J who works in sports retail indusry! I call these the equivalent of Herve Leger in the world of exercise. 

I also found these Christian Louboutin Intern loafers on The Outnet, they were discounted by 45% with an extra 20% discount code on top of that earlier in the week. They were still bloody expensive for loafers but I've been lusting after these for over 12 months now so I can't complain.

The kids are out at the moment with my husband, so I'm about to sit down with a slice of cherry pie, a glass of white wine (is it too soon to start drinking?) and a taped episode of Game of Thrones. Cherry pies are a newly acquired vice of mine. 

I hope you're all enjoying your weekends so far.

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